Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Skin Cancer

Dr Theile performs excision and reconstruction of all forms of skin cancer including Basal Cell Cancer (BCC), Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC) and Melanoma.

These can be at any location on the body, face, limbs, scalp or neck.

Specific plastic surgery techniques are used in the difficult areas of the face including nose, lip, eyelids and for larger difficult lesions anywhere.

Plastic surgery techniques for reconstruction are generally referred to as flaps or skin grafts.

Flaps are when the skin and tissue adjacent to a skin cancer defect is designed and cut to be moved into the area after a skin cancer is removed. This allows the best skin to be used and to allow the rest of the facial features to remain relatively undisturbed.

Skin grafts are used on occasions to repair larger areas when sizeable skin cancers are removed. This involves taking skin from other areas and stitching this to replace the missing skin after skin cancer excision.

Dr Theile will discuss in detail the best option for you.